50 minutes - $160    80 minutes - $220
Our classic Swedish with your choice of Epicuren's luxurious aromatherapy blends.  Choose from French Lavender , Tahitian Vanilla, Kukui Coconut, Papaya Pineapple or ask your Spa Receptionist for seasonal scents.  

Deep Tissue
25 minutes - $100 50 minutes - $180    80 minutes - $230
This traditional massage uses a firm to deep pressure of slow and focused movements designed to realign muscles and connective tissue.  It is highly effective for treating areas of discomfort, tightness, injury and chronic tension.

Travelers Rejuvenation Ritual
50 minutes - $210    80 minutes - $260

This renewing treatment combines our classic Swedish Massage with our most popular enhancements to create
the ultimate recovery from the aches and fatigue often associated with traveling. Your journey to relaxation
includes a massage enhanced with Arnica Muscle Relief Gel or Sweet Birch Deep Muscle Rub combined with
tension releasing heat. Revitalizing Wild Lime oil is then massaged into the scalp, neck and shoulders to
ease aches and sooth stressed muscles. Finish your ritual with an invigorating Green Tea and
Mint foot treatment leaving you relaxed, renewed, and refreshed head to toe.

Hot Stone Therapy
50 minutes - $180    80 minutes - $230
Smooth Basalt stones are heated and applied to different points on the back to restore a balance of internal energies. These heated stones are used to massage the entire body, allowing the heat to radiate deep within the muscles to induce a state of relaxation, relieving tension and stress.  

25 minutes – $90   50 minutes – $180  80 minutes – $230
This ancient pressure point massage is used to unblock and restore balance in the meridians and organs in order to promote self-healing. This healing technique also incorporates compression and gentle stretching to assist in restoring balance and relaxation.  

Mommy To Be
25 minutes – $100   50 minutes – $180   80 minutes – $230
This soothing and nourishing massage is designed specially for Mommy to Be during her second and third trimesters.  With the use of gentle pressure, and slow circular motions.  This relaxing side-lying massage will help relieve the emotional and physical stresses experienced during pregnancy.  

25 minutes - $100   50 minutes - $180
This ancient Chinese treatment focuses on reflex points on the feet that correlate to specific organs and integral body systems. Compression to these points help enhance circulation and create balance from within.

50 minutes - $150   80 minutes - $210
This classis European massage uses light to medium pressure of long rhythmic strokes designed to relax the body. Best for overall muscle aches and general relaxation while increasing circulation and reducing stress in the body.

*Other Massage Therapy Treatments, such as  Cranial-Sacral, Hybrid, and Reiki, are available upon request.*


A 20% mandatory service charge will be automatically applied to all services.

Additional gratuities may be left at your discretion. 

Prices are subject to change at any time.